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Cracking Your Own Bones and The Self-Adjustment

As Chiropractors we often get asked "I can crack my own neck, is this ok?" I ask you this.... "When you have a toothache do you skip going to see the dentist and reach for the Black & Decker and perform your own root canal?" The answer to both questions is NO! It is never okay to adjust your own neck in the same way it is not good to turn your garden shed into a make shift dental surgery.

The cervical spine is a very complex and delicate part of the body. It protects your spinal cord and the lower part of your brain stem. The nerves that exit in the lower part of the neck supply your arms and arteries along the sides of your neck are responsible for sending blood directly to your brain. One wrong move and serious damage can be done. I understand that "cracking" your neck helps to relieve your symptoms but it actually makes the underlying problem worse. Because of the large generalised movement you are never truly releasing the restricted vertebra. The joints above and below a restricted vertebra become more flexible or hyper-mobile in an attempt to compensate for the lack of movement. It is these hyper-mobile joints that you are actually releasing!

So here’s the bottom line… Your spine likes to be stable. When it is unbalanced, or hyper-mobile it will become tight, painful and stiff.

A Chiropractic adjustment is specific. We don't spend 5 years at University just reading books you know! It takes time to develop a refined skill. You don't see Chiropractors "cracking" their own neck, they get a buddy to do it! Don't continue doing a DIY job and get an appointment in Ferndown with Frankie or Charlie, call 07401 993334 today!


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