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About Pilates Therapy

What is Pilates Therapy? 

Pilates therapy is a unique fusion of Pilates exercises and therapeutic principles, focusing on harnessing the body's anatomy and timing of movement.


The primary objective is to enhance overall well-being by improving movement facilitation. Posture serves as an initial guide, but the analysis deepens through dynamic movements. The approach involves identifying the driving areas of dysfunction. Areas may lack proper mobility or exhibit compensation for a number of reasons, but we aim to find out the cause not just treat the effect.


We incorporate muscle energy release techniques, neurodynamics, and resistance to addresses balance issues in the body. Additional modalities like massage, Scar Work, and craniosacral therapy contribute to comprehensive care. 


Embracing a task-based methodology, Pilates therapy tailors interventions to the individual, avoiding one-size-fits-all programs. Each client undergoes a personalised assessment to craft a meaningful and effective path toward achieving their specific goals.

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Who is Maria Seager?

Maria is a certified level 3 sports massage therapist and Pilates therapist, bringing a wealth of athletic experience—from her days as a national gymnast to the heptathlon and reaching international standards as a pole vaulter.


With a focus on fitness and well-being, Maria will help to make your journey enjoyable, whether you're a gym enthusiast or exploring a more active lifestyle.


Leveraging her diverse sports background, Maria understands the unique needs of each person she works with, approaching health and fitness holistically.

Who is Pilates Therapy for?


Everyone and anyone! Each Pilates Therapy session is as unique and individual as the person attending. It is not designed for the old or young but anyone with a body!


For those suffering with chronic long term pain conditions, Pilates Therapy is a gentle and safe way to start introducing mobility and resistance exercises to help with rehabilitation.


Sports players can use Pilates Therapy to help iron out any weaknesses or imbalances to help improve their technique, agility and over all sporting performance.


Pilates Therapy can be very useful post-operatively to help with recovery to regain strength and posture after surgery. Particularly the use of Scar Work assists with healing, sensitivity and functionality of the surrounding tissues.

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